About Us

In 2011 November we wanted to make a custom birthday cake for our little girls. We decided to bake the cake at home & buy icing toppers to decorate the cake. We went to a few cake supply shops in Perth but we couldn’t find what we were looking for. So we ended up making the cake & the fondant icing toppers..!

Surprisingly, everyone at the party started to talk about the icing toppers & it was a hit. We received the first fondant icing toppers order from one of our friends at the party. Since then we made hundreds of custom cake & cupcake fondant icing toppers for families in Perth & few orders for families in Eastern states.

Every topper we create is designed & created by our talented artist Kasy & is a completely original piece of edible art. If you can imagine it, she can create it!


We're located in Perth, Western Australia and sell edible fondant cake toppers for Birthday, Wedding, Engagement, Baby shower, Christmas & Christening Cakes. We have a huge range of cupcake liners & wrappers. We offer custom ordering for all our products !


ABN: 27 606 746 759