Classic Floral Embossed Wedding Invitation With Boeknot(Set of 50)


This product can be personalized according to your specifications. There are 4 card texts for you to choose from, or you can choose blank cards if you want to print them by yourself. Please check the Texts here

Category: Invitation Cards
Themes: Classic Theme, Floral Theme, Garden Theme
Seasons; Summer, Spring
Design & Style: Floral Style, Classic Style
Direction: Square
Card Formats: Top Fold
Material: Pearl Paper
Envelopes: Yes
Inner Sheets: Yes
Inner Sheet Formats: Flat Card
Seals: No
Card Size: 6"×6" (15*15cm)
Personalization: Non-personalized
Net Weight: 1.05kg
Shipping Weight: 1.25kg
Tips: Sold in set of 50.

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