Square Wedding Invitation With Ribbon (Set of 50)

$74.52 $76.08

This product can be personalized according to your specifications. There are 4 card texts for you to choose from, or you can choose blank cards if you want to print them by yourself. Please check the Texts here

Category: Invitation Cards
Themes: Classic Theme
Color: Red
Design & Style: Classic Style
Direction: Square
Card Formats: Wrap & Pocket
Material: Card Paper
Embellishment: Ribbons
Envelopes: Yes
Inner Sheets: Yes
Inner Sheet: Formats: Side Fold
Seals: Yes
Card Size: 6"×6" (15*15cm)
Personalization: Personalized
Net Weight: 0.95kg
Shipping Weight: 1.05kg
Packing: Poly Bag
Tips: We provide you with 64 different verses to choose from. You only need to fill in the couple's names, wedding date and address yourself., Sold in set of 50.(Included 50 invitation cards, 50 inner sheets ,50 envelopes,50 seals.)

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